Snap Wallet


Made from recycled leather (more info) the snap wallet holds up top 3 cards and magnetically attaches to your iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

  • 96 mm x 69 mm x 7 mm (4 mm. thickness when empty)
  • Carries up to 3 cards, or bills, or a key, or…
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    The iPhone 12 and 13 have built-in magnets that allow accessories to stick to your phone, this means you can attach our Snap Wallet to your iPhone. The backside of the wallet has a magnetic ring built-in that can connect to your iPhone 12/13. This way your phone and wallet become one convenient package to take with you!
    The magnets are strong enough to keep your wallet in place while using your phone, but the wallet can still be easily removed to pull out some cards. The magnets will not damage your cards, but will let you stick your wallet to the refrigerator door.

    Our thinnest yet

    The Snap Wallet is our first wallet that doesn’t have our stack and slide system, but with only 7 mm. thickness (including 3 cards) it is our thinnest wallet yet! It still has the signature gap on the front so you can use your finger to slide out the cards.

    Recycled leather

    The Snap wallet is made from recycled leather: Cutting waste from shoe- and bag manufacturers in Italy is collected, ground, and bound with water and natural binders to create a rubbery new material. The visible leather particles combined with the binder give this material a lot of visual depth and a soft touch. Instead of burning the leather waste, it gets a new life as a Snap Wallet!

    – 55% leather waste
    – 35% natural greases and latex
    – 10% water
    – Produced in southern Europe
    – Provided with the Global Recycled Standard certificate
    – Tested based on REACH and according to EU guidelines

    Made in Holland

    The Wallets are made in the Netherlands, in Zuid-Beijerland to be precise. By producing locally, it is possible to control working conditions, craftsmanship, fair wages and reduce CO2 emissions.