Spinning Dock


Spinning Dock is a phone stand for video calls, video watching, or just to always have your phone ready to unlock with Face ID.

Check out the dimensions to make sure your phone fits.

  • Shipping cost: €5.95 track and trace
  • Free shipping: orders above €50
  • Two for €25
  • Fits every phone (cover) 10-14 mm. thickness.
  • Height 30 mm, diameter 100 mm.
  • Fsc Bamboo
  • No wireless charger
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    The Spinning Dock consists of 2 parts that allow the top part to spin freely so you always get that perfect angle!

    Call me?

    It’s minimal size makes sure the Spinning Dock can always find a place to wait until you need it. The upright position of the phone allows face ID activation, so you can instantly view messages. This makes it an ideal desktop companion!

    The right angle

    Three slots with a different width make sure all phones, and most phone covers will fit. Whether you want to have your phone more upright during a video call. Or more laidback when binging your favorite show. The Spinning Dock is there for you.


    Our Spinning Dock is made out of FSC bamboo. Bamboo is a fast growing plant with timber specs. It grows to maturity in 5 years versus 30 – 120 years for timbers. After a bamboo plant is harvested, four to seven new plants will grow from its roots. No replanting necessary, just like that, made possible by nature.

    Bamboo is known for its hard surface, making it a robust and long lasting material. Despite its hardness it is very suitable to craft. That’s why our Docks are so nicely rounded.