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Waste Snap Dock is a 15 Watt wireless fast charger made from recycled plastic waste. It can charge any phone that supports wireless charging. If you have an Iphone 12 or 13, the magnetic charger snaps to the magnets in your iPhone 12 or 13 for optimal charging.
Check below how it’s made

  • Shipping cost: €5.95 track and trace
  • Free shipping: orders above €50
  • Charge your phone wirelessly
  • Charges any phone that supports wireless charging
  • Only iPhone 12 and 13 have a magnetic back that snaps to the Dock.
  • Including 1 m. USB-C cable
  • 15 watt charger
  • Does not include USB C 20W wall charger
Waste Material :
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Requires USB C 20W wall charger

USB C 20W wall charger

To charge your phone at maximum speed you'll need a 20 Watt USB-C wall charger. Compatible with all Walter Magnetic Chargers.

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Waste Snap Dock has a magnetic wireless charger that snaps to the magnets in your iPhone 12/13. This way you can easily place your phone on the charger and it will stay there until you take it off. (You don’t have to plug-in a cable to your phone, it will automatically start charging. ) The magnets perfectly align the charger coil with the phone to optimize the charging speed. The Waste Snap Dock needs a 20 Watt wall adapter to ensure the fastest charging available.

Attention! The magnets only work with iPhone 12/13- and iPhone 12/13 Pro-models. But the Waste Snap Dock can charge any phone which supports wireless charging.

Qi Standard
Qi is the standard technology used for charging your phone, it is used by all major brands, like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, and many others. Wireless charging works because the Charger Dock emits a small electromagnetic field, when the phone is placed in the magnetic field of the Charger Dock, a similar coil that is built in your phone absorbs the energy from the charger and charges the battery.

Nice view!

The angle of the phone allows face ID activation, so you can instantly view messages. This makes it an ideal desk top companion!

Keep charging

The charger can be taken out of the stand, so you can keep charging while using your phone!

Flip your phone

You can flip your phone from vertical to horizontal view while charging. It also becomes a phone stand to binge your favorite shows!

Call me?

With the Waste Snap Dock you can easily video call and charge your phone at the same time.


Our Waste Docks are made from recycled plastic waste

Step 1

Recycling waste products

The process starts with collecting and disassembling waste products. After that, the plastic parts are sorted on type and colour. Next the plastic is cleaned and shredded.

The end result of this step is the small plastic particles you see in the GIF.

Step 2

Making panels from recycled material

The recycled plastic is carefully poured on a flat bed.  When there is enough material on the bed it is closed with a heavy top and it goes into a giant hot press. The plastic melts and after cooling down a panel is created.

Because the recycled plastic is poured by hand each Waste Dock has its own unique pattern.


Step 3

CNC milling docks from panels

The docks are milled from the recycled plastic panels by a computer controlled milling machine. This machine has fast rotating cutters to carve out the docks.

Step 4

Assembling and packing

Final step is to assemble them with charger and cable. Before packing all docks are tested to make sure they wirelessly charge your phone perfectly. Now they are ready for their second life!

Input: 5V/2A,9V/1.34A,9V/2A,12V/2A
Wireless output: 5V/1A,(5W) 9V/0.83A,(7.5W) 9V/1.12A,(10W) 9V/1.67A(15W)
Charging efficiency: 80%
Cable length: 1 meter
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Dimensions: H 134 x W 82 x D 90 mm

Although the magnets only work with iPhone 12 models, the wireless charger can charge any phone that supports wireless charging. When purchasing a wireless charger, please make sure your phone supports wireless charging,
if you’re not sure about this, please send us an email.

All Walter Docks are Qi standard wireless phone chargers for the following types:
Samsung Galaxy S7 (Plus), S8 (Plus), S9 (Plus), S10e, S10 (Plus).
Apple iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone X, 11, 12 and 13
… and more (check the specs of your phone to see if your phone supports wireless charging)

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